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To stimulate and balance your metabolism, <br/>maca's Pérou Nature is your partner Vitality!


Like a car, our body needs fuel !vitalité
It is not enough to fill calories. It is essential to have a healthy life, to rest and have the much-needed nutrients that our body needs. That’s why good nutrition is essential.

Our way of life always in a hurry sometimes gives us no time to cook. If our diet does not supply the necessary energy, your body will show signs of fatigue, stress, concentration problems and, risk of infection. It is essential to help our body by providing food supplements rich in vitamins and trace elements. One course of Peruvian Maca Nature is the solution to remedy these problems.

Zoom in on these vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids contained in the beneficial maca.

It is proved that vitamins and trace elements affect the metabolism, improve muscle, immune and nervous function.


  • Vitamin B1 is needed in the transformation of carbohydrates into energy. It helps the proper functioning of nerves and muscles and improves physical endurance.
  • Vitamin B has an antioxidant function for the organism.

Minerals :

  • Calcium is the richest mineral element of the human body. It helps strengthen bones and fight osteoporosis.
  • Potassium balances thecellular activity. It participates in what the body ages more slowly.
  • Iron is essential in the blood to oxygenate the body.
  • Zinc helps maintain a balanced rate between testosterone and oestrogen. It promotes the production of muscle tissue and improves physical endurance. When our testosterone level declines, our body feels a general fatigue.
  • The amino acids act on the problems of menopause and fertility. They form the basis of proteins. The body cells use amino acids to grow.

Maca is recommended especially during the winter to overcome fatigue generally more present than during the rest of the year. It allows you to face spring in great shape.

Maca is also suitable for children. Taking a dietary maca supplement remedies to difficult concentrating and make the child calmer and more attentive.