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Maca : the natural "viagra". Maca Peru Nature : the solution for the woman and man.


What is libido?

Libido comes from the Latin word for desire. Today when we speak of the libido that expresses sexual desire. There are two kinds of desire. It is the desire to make love to his partner. And there is the disposition to evoke sexual thoughts spontaneously. We see that the libido implies to both body and mind.

How to boost your libido ?

In everyday life, you must cultivate your libido, by giving time to your couple, to your partner, and to yourself. Maca helps to maintain this harmonious balance within your couple.


La maca Pérou Nature : la solution pour la femme et l’homme.

Viagra from Peru, maca is an all natural stimulant that helps you find balance and harmony sexual.

Maca is a concentrate of vitamins, trace elements, proteins, amino acids, essential fatty acids.

Maca is a natural adaptogen which helps the body to produce substances needed.

Maca stimulates the glandular and hormonal man and woman system.

Maca Peru Nature capsules - real assets concentrated 100% natural  stimulate your body and boost your libido.


Why does our libido sometimes decrease ?

The libido is subject to high and low. To be at its best it is important to have good physical and mental health.

The causes of low libido are of diverse origins. If we are stressed, it is more difficult for us to be sexually satisfied. Our daily concerns, work and family become more important than our sexual pleasures which can increase the tensions within the couple.

A physical or mental fatigue can also cause decreasedbaissedelibidolibido.


It is also difficult to identify causes such as past injuries. Then it can be necessary to call a professional to help you understand your discomfort.

Finally, hormonal changes can reduce or increase our libido.

Viagra from Peru, Peruvian maca Nature is all-natural stimulant that helps you find balance and harmony sexual.